Sunday, November 6, 2011

Youtube Leanback

I Just started using the Youtube TV app on my Asus Transformer, available on the Android Market Place. After this, simply go to on your PC to login to your account. The Youtube TV App should already be able to control the content playing on your PC (or other) automatically.

In the video, I just tested going back and forth through 2 video's.

Through my brief use so far am yet to find any annoying bugs but would like more sorting options within the tabs available. For example under the "Subscriptions" tab it would be good to include subscription filters of some sort. All in all its exactly what I've wanted.

Previously I was using Asus' built in Splashtop desktop remote app for this. It works pretty good and requires installation on the PC. My main use was to switch to the next video. The issue with this approach is that the resolution on the screen drops down to the Asus' resolution.
Using the Youtube TV app merely is a control and has the ease of no extra software required to be installed on any device you have the browser open on.

If you watch a lot of Youtube and have a compatible Android device, try this out.

It worked on my other PC and off my Android phone. Let me know how you go if you try this.


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