Friday, January 10, 2014

"Wearables" tech for 2014

Now here is one wearable I am definitely interested in it wouldn't be my first after entering into the category - more on that later.
Working mostly on computers all day it is very hard to maintain a good posture (although I've never really had one). Getting a friend to remind you, trying to get pillows to help and many other solutions are all good and can help, possibly. But in reality all you have to do is stand up straight - and do it all the time.

The struggle for me was always consistency, the friendly reminder is rendered useless after a short while. Hence comes in trying to aid the situation during sleep with back pillows, problem is once you're asleep it might as well go out the window. Perhaps there's some simple but effective techniques out there that have worked for others that I'm not aware of?

In any case this piece if tech could solve my problem and could quite possibly be my second item in the wearables category, the first being my Samsung Galaxy Gear watch - which I'm quite happy with. I'll be sure to review that next along with some brief highlight of its use with the note 3.

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