Saturday, June 15, 2013


For the design of this game it was decided to create characters to represent numbers to give the game some life. All arithmetic buttons have a bubble like feel to give the game more of a flow to it. It is important that the game be identifiable to the audience when they see the game and to differentiate it from a standard number type game. A single puzzle in itself may or may not be difficult depending on what numbers are generated - it's random, but collectively the challenge is to beat the puzzle as many times as possible within the amount of time given.
All design has been created with vector based graphics, giving me the ability to adjust the image files for the game with ease.

Here is a look at the sprites for addition and multiplication:


In the previous post I revealed the Logo Character designed for the game and this time, we will reveal other characters designed for particular numbers. 
Numbers between 0-9 have had characters created with different colors and different facial expressions to make them unique. The idea behind this is to also give a visual aid to the user as they play the game. Color matching can be quicker than reading the actual numbers. For example, combining two characters of the same color with a division will generally result in a 1 - or in the case of this game, an orange character.
By introducing these characters we add some personality to the game.

Now without further ado, here's a sample of some of the characters from 10-Up !

To see more of the characters, they will be made available on the games Facebook page - Remember to 'Like' the page to support the development of this game !

In the next post , look forward to some of the sound effects and music compositions made for the game.

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