Sunday, March 16, 2014

IN 5: One App Developers Journey

If you have been following this blog, or my Facebook page, or anything related with me for that matter you will know that I have been developing an App and pursuing to make multiple apps for Android, Windows and Apple.

I've been posting little updates here but I've decided to put up a little more detail about my progress, milestones and failures on this blog to do 2 things. The first is to help anyone going through or thinking about doing something like this. The second? Well that's for my sanity. I am taking on this endeavor while having my priority on my work as a control systems engineer and of course my wedding that is less than 1 year away now!

Allow me now to list all the milestones and achievements in order.

January 28:  - Project IN 5 had begun (previously titled Just 5 Minutes)
February 4: - Facebook Page Created
February 5: - New Logo Design
February 9: - Promo graphics made
February 17: - Version 0.6.6 was being worked on

February 28: - Initial Release. version 1.0 was officially available in the Play Store
Get app here

March 1: - First Meme posted to page
March 2: - Downloads reach 10+
March 3: - Developer Home Page updated.
-SarioDev Logo created
March 4: - IN 5 gets into Top New Free apps in the Productivity Category (14th)
-Facebook Advertising being tested with small campaigns
March 5: - App video recording being taken
- AndroidApps, androidtapp + more review companys contacted. No opportunity available for 2 months+
-SarioDev Business Plan started
March 6: - Adbuddiz integrated to app
March 9: - Release 1.1 update made available
March 12: - First article write up by Ausdroid
March 13: - Demo trailer released. Watch here
- Downloads reach 50+
March 15: - First Downloads from U.S.A.
- IN 5 title changed to IN 5 Browser and descriptions updated
- Translations for descriptions included (China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, French, Arabic,                       Filipino and more)
- IN 5 ranks in the top productivity apps in Australia (537th)
March 16: - Signed up with App Annie
- IN 5 ranks in top productivity apps in Australia (535th)
- Developer progress and update post on blog

As can be seen, development took approximately 1 month. The App has been in the Play Store for 2 weeks now with 1 update, 1 app review (and 10 times as many rejections) has reached 50+ downloads and ranks 535th for productivity apps in Australia.

Growth has been steady but definitely a lot slower than what is desirable. Considering this is my first stint I am pleased with the results but nowhere near satisfied. It will take lots of motivation and hardwork to make this into something profitable. At this stage my revenue is $0.

Next Steps
Release Update 1.2 will address a particular bug that has affected users, social integration with facebook, twitter and instagram options, session stats for number of pages viewed, and finally some options for time alternatives other than 5 minutes (perhaps 1, 3 and 5 minutes will be available). I'll probably take suggestions on that on the Facebook Page.

Then the premium or pro version of the app will be the focus and will mainly remove the advertisements but give even more time options for users to choose from.

A marketing push will be aimed to coincide with release 1.2 and IN 5 Browser Pro.

This milestone will mark the second app on the store and from this point I will begin thinking about the next app and also beginning work in the Apple world.

Next Update
Hopefully, in the next major update I will have some revenue to report and perhaps some other successes or failures that can be useful to others.

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