Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Browser that will make you productive in 2014! (New Concept)

Productivity just got easier. We've all used many tools that track and time our tasks to help our productivity, but the one flaw is that for it to truly be useful you need to set them up first to match you. 

So here's a new concept for you to consider, start with one area, say you open a link in a browser - you easily get stuck reading a comments section or article. Now you are presented with an option to limit your session to say, 5 minutes. Now you won't do this all the time but if at least once a day you limit one of your procrastination sessions to 5 minutes (instead of getting stuck for 20) you train yourself to be conscious about this time spent. Which is the first step. 
Enter this solution: IN 5 Browser.

It's an alternative browser (not a replacement) that has a timer in your face and kills your session after so you don't procrastinate!
-No history, no favorites, no tabs, no cache, no going back and wasting time. After 5 minutes (You have options for a few other time ranges), you simply get a "GG. Back to Work" message.
Try it for yourself. Once a day for just one week- stick to your intention of getting back to work "IN 5" and see the results!
It's a fast, lightweight browser, designed specifically for procrastinators to get in, read content, get out - and back to work!
Free Version:
Paid Version:

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