Saturday, July 20, 2013

Post Release: 10-Up

After a successful launch with the 10-Up Facebook page gaining good interest among my friends, family and community, I decided to change my focus from app development to marketing the app as best I can.
The primary communication about the App is through the Facebook page with other avenues including my development blog and my website. Now I need to try to expand out beyond people I know (as many do not have Windows 8).

Get 10-Up here:

First I went to some technology companies to see if the app could be found on the app store and I managed to download the trial version of the app on some Microsoft Surface Pro's.

Next I managed to get the app featured on The Video Game Island's web page - and I am currently reaching out to more gaming websites for reviews or features - I will reveal these as they respond.

The next few major steps I would like to pursue is to write up a press release template for gaming sites to consider covering the app, create both a walk through video and just a promotional video and finally, reach out to international markets where Windows 8 machines are more popular and the Windows Store market is larger.

I will now await any feedback from all customers and take on board as much as I can to continue to develop the game and ultimately work towards releasing it for other platforms such as iOS and Android.

As one measurement of performance I have set a 10-Up target to get to the top 100 in the Puzzle sub category of the Games category. Over the week I have improved from about 800/3000 in the Windows Store to approximately 500/3000 in the Windows Store. Below you can see the app listed on the first page of the newest games.

10-Up in the Windows Store
This has all been possible with the help of family, friends and supporters of the app and I would like to thank all of those who support my app and also myself, particularly my partner who helps me stay focused and positive on this journey.

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