Monday, April 7, 2014

10Up - Could This Be The Next Big Puzzle App?

With the rise and fall of apps, both big and small everyone starts to wonder what is the next big app? This year alone in 2014 we have had the likes of Flappy Birds and 2048 among all the big corporations but these cases are the ones that make many think about this next big app. Although there are many great apps being published daily, which of these will captivate the app user world?

Well, the wait may be over. There is a new app on the block.

It's available on Android - and it's FREE.
The game is called 10Up. It's a number puzzle game that was conceived from a popular game played on Sydney's Cityrail trains where you join 4 numbers (which is the ID of the train carriage/car) to make 10. Sounds simple enough? Well this is only one key factor in all good games and it doesn't end there.

Another key factor is to make it simple to play, but at the same time challenging enough to keep someone engaged and hopefully playing again. There is a points system to this game, where the closer to 10 you get, the more points you get. When you do get a 10, you get a 10Up. This gives you point boosts based on your streak. You must get as many 10Ups as possible before time runs out!

The app looks beautiful with a very simple UI with animations. The game is very addictive and there is an easy mode available to help you learn the game. It is designed to be suitable for children and can be used as an educational app. You can beat your score and share your results too. The developer is also updating the app constantly and quick to respond to user feedback.

With all these factors, it's no wonder that 10Up could be your next app and that of many others and it's free! So why wait any longer? Download 10Up right now - I'll provide you the link:
10Up Number Puzzle Game

And then post your high score! Mine is 620 points. Can you beat it?

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