Friday, April 25, 2014

Play Services Leaderboard - Way more difficult than it should have been!

Frustration has set in as I continue to try and integrate play services into my app. Originally I thought it was going to be difficult. But after reading the developer information on it, I was under the impression that it was going to be really easy. It turns out that the leaderboard concept is really easy - which it should be and it's great ! But getting there is another story!
In particular because they recommend extending BaseGameActivity and the entire example is based on this. In my case my activity could not extend BaseGameActivity because it extends something else!
This cause frustration, although it looked like there was hope in implementing what BaseGameActivity class did as it is a wrapper class for GameHelper (which is used for Google API connections etc.)

Last issue is the manifest issues - they mention many times about one of the metadata required, but I think mention only once about another one (APP_ID) that you must have as well. - Another delay

Long story short. I've made progress in that there now seems to be a signin process happening in 10Up when it starts. Only problem is it doesn't actually sign in.
I have read that this may be due to using a debug version of the app for testing (which isn't signed of course)

So now I'm uploading an APK for Alpha Testing and see if I can get this thing done !

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