Friday, April 18, 2014

SarioDev: Keeping up with updates

You can never build the perfect app nor complete in one release. If you do, you most likely missed your window of opportunity by now and it would only take one user to change your "complete product". It is very important to listen to your users and take their feedback on board.

With SarioDev apps I've been trying hard to keep updating the app, which I've many ideas for, but by listening to my users I have a bit of guidance on prioritizing what to update first.

My general strategy is to have a list of ideas to implement, based on 2 metrics: Value of update and Difficulty to implement. These are my 2 key factors as I am the only developer I must keep these 2 factors in balance. What changes the value of the update is value for the user, and value for future development.
Value for the user is first determined by what value it will add to myself, as the first user (all my apps I use personally) then based on feedback of users I know, and then I look at the feedback of all users. Depending on how frequent a request may be and which layer the request is from helps me determine the value. After I can filter these by the difficulty to implement. It's a pretty simple process.

Share how you manage your apps and updates. Or if you want to know more feel free to contact me as well!

Speaking of updates here's the latest from SarioDev - 10Up Number Puzzle Game v1.4 for Android!
The 10Up community is building and I'm really excited about where I can take this app.

Happy Easter All!

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